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Renting a stump grinder tips Pro, The be


My experience
As a nature lover, and someone who truly enjoys the daily walks in nature in parks, and in my garden, and in my background, I know that sometimes nature can be tricky to deal with. After all, by looking at the world around us, we know for sure that nature is not always kind to us humans, and vice versa, and that’s why it’s important that we remember that we should be kind yet firm with nature, and make sure that we take care of it. For this particular piece, I’d like to address stumps and renting the right kind of stump grinder, so you can get what you need when you need it.
As true arborist and tree care guy, you need to know how to get things done even if you need to rent equipment.
Cost and time
It’s very important to remember that both cost and time are two very important factors to take into consideration, when it comes to renting a stump grinder. You really have to analyze the situation, and truly ask yourself how much time do I want to spend on this project, and how much am I willing to spend. It’s an important question to take into consideration, because that way you can consider the right cost and time in general. By doing so you can truly get the best kind of piece written, that will not only help you, but that will also make sure that you do not spend too much time or money trying to remove a stump in the wrong way.
Different types of grinders
When it comes to grinding a tree stump, it’s also important to remember that there are a wide variety of factors to take into consideration. First and for most, you want to make sure that the blade itself is not too big, because not all stump grinders need to have large blades that can and will overwhelm the stump, or be unsafe, and that risk the possibility of having a messed up grinder or messed up stump. With that said, I’ve learned to take pictures before going in and renting a stump grinder. I take pictures of the stump itself, and I evaluate my options, so that I can and will get the best when it comes to renting the exact type of stump grinder, that will truly work best for my stump.
My final words of wisdom
My final advice to all you nature lovers who are renting a stump grinder is to make sure that you take your time, don’t rush, and give it time when it comes to renting a stump grinder. Don’t jump too fast, but analyze like a resell rights pro, know your stump, and go from there, so that you can and will get the best when it comes to renting a stump grinder.

There is a great company in Oakland County I used often if the stump is too big.

Insights about different industries of Michigan


I lived in Michigan for several years now and over the years I have developed keen interest in many of the local businesses in this state.

There are many, I’ve been working for few of them including tree service, limousine, roofing. And they were al great experiences for me because I got to learn about all these different industries and what makes each of them unique in its own special ways, what kind of difficulties come with each of these different industries?

As you can tell from the theme of this site that I like wolves, but more specifically wolverines, because I graduated from University of Michigan back in 2007 with a degree in advertising and I will always represent the maize and yellow culture.

Some of my finest memories were during those college years when I had no reponsibilities and I can just play on the weekend as I wish.

But then again now I look at my life now running my own business and this blog full time reviewing different business, it is much more rewarding life experience then the one I was having before.

Emotional Intelligence

I am much more liberated and free these days, I am more emotionally intelligent than I was before, and I can move about life in much more empowered meaningful ways now.

Before I used to really hate tree service business, I hated the long hours, I hated waking up early and I disliked my manager. And I thought it was the tree service business that was wrong and not right, but I come to find out it wasn’t the tree service business but it was my own perception and emotions around the tree service business that made me feel the way I do about it.

The awakening happened for me when I realized that the perception and emotional imprinting is within me, that when I free and liberate myself from those emotions by going within, I can change my perceptions and world view which changes my life experience.

I begin studying every emotional reaction I was having in every situation and committing to a new habit of letting go and releasing those charges throughout the day. Even 1 word or image, or thought could trigger these emotions and the key to change & liberation was to become very aware of these responses within.

And when I noticed them, I would use faster EFT which I would explain bit more in detail. Again it was not the big tree removal or the loud machines that was getting under my skin but it was how I was representing these things in my mind that was getting to me, I represented tree service and all of its thoughts around it as a sign that I’m not where I’m supposed to be in my life. That I should be in Harvard or somewhere practicing law, not realizing that tree service is a very specialized skill and nothing that I should be ashamed of, but be very proud of.

These shifts begin changing my perception about myself and the world I live in and that is the key to true freedom.

Powerful and inexpensive advertisement


Like with any business, a tree servicing company, will need customers. Those that will come to you again and again; and new ones as well. Customers are the life blood of any small business. It’s impossible to have a business of any type without customers. If there is no one to solicit you, then you will fail. It’s just the truth. There are many of ways to advertise and drum up new customers. As well as keep your current ones. All for little or no money.

Print and post flyers. Make sure to list the services provided, business name, and contact information. I would even add some type of discount if when calling for an estimate or whatever, they mention the flyer. Place those fliers everywhere you can think of. Who doesn’t know someone in need of a tree service business? Put those flyers on people’s doors, post on any community bulletin board, leave a stack at different businesses, and place on the windshields of cars. Just anywhere people will see it and read it. The more people aware, the more people will call. If two out of three people do not read the flyer and simply throws it in the trash then that means at least one-third of them are reading it. And he may call or tell someone he knows about it. Play the odds.

Technology & Advertising

It would be asinine to not utilize the wonderful world of technology: social media, website, blogs and email. Many companies both big and small are utilizing social media to connect with people. And it’s free! How wonderful for a business that just starting out that does not have the capital for, let’s say a billboard or television ad. Both are great at reaching a lot of people but both are very expensive. You can post before and after pictures, testimonials, or discounts and services all from your smartphone or tablet. Or create videos demonstrating the correct way to cut down a tree. Showcase the extra steps of safety and clean up you use to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for itself and its customers. Befriend and follow your customers, allowing them to interact. They can post positive reviews on Tree Removal, if they post negative ones it will give you an opportunity to rectify if possible.

Just leads me to my next suggestion for inexpensive advertising. Create a website or blog. There are many platforms that will allow you to create a website or blog for free. Allow this to be a way to showcase how your tree service company is a benefit. Post pictures, videos, draw them in by writing and posting bios of yourself and your employees. Then of course there is email. As part of your data ask your customers for their email. Periodically email them about what’s going on with the business. Remind them of what they may need to have done during that season. Like in spring remind them it’s time to prune and prepare their trees for the summer growth.

Word of Mouth

Last but certainly not least is word of mouth. This has been a powerful tool that has been honed in since the first man decided to trade his neighbor a fish for an axe. Perform excellent customer service. As a consumer I will and have return to a place where I was treated well and with dignity. More importantly I will tell my family and friends. Do not overlook the value of kindness. I cannot stress how important it is for any business, especially one performing a service, like tree trimming and removal, to exhibit excellent customer relations. Treat them well and they will return. Encourage your customer to tell others. Encourage them to follow you on the various social media platforms. Definitely offer some type of reward for the referral. Either a discount on their next service, something free, or cash. Who doesn’t like getting something for free?


There are so many creative and inexpensive ways to showcase your tree service business. These are just a few and easy ways to do it. Implement one or two of these avenues. With so little to lose and much to gain, each one is worth the time and effort.

My Goals for 2015 in Tree Service Industry & In Life


Lately I’ve been resetting goals in life and refocusing on my vision, where I want to be few months from now, and few years from now, Where will I be, who will I be talking to, what kind of companies or corporations will I be aligning myself with. These are all the questions I regularly ask myself, it is not always easy to stay inspired and motivated when you run your own business you have to consistently and constantly act as your own motivator and inspirations have to come from within by setting visions.

I have been working for a tree service company for 25 years and recently started my very own tree care business, its a business that I have lots of hours of practice in so I felt it was the right vertical to expand to the next level which is to own my own business. This is the next stage in the journey of becoming a true entrepreneur and being someone that goes after what they want in life, someone that takes control over their life. So to make my goals stick and hold myself accountable, I want to share with everyone my dreams and what kind of person I want to become in the very near future on this blog:

My Goals for 2015

Here is a quick excerpt I am writing it in present tense like I already have these things.

I want to become a man that has choice in life, I am a man that goes after what he wants, and sticks to what he believes even if people around him think otherwise, I am man that knows himself because he has traveled deep in his mind and looked at all the things that was nagging away and paining him, I am a man with emotional intelligence. I don’t look to run from my problems but step into them and deal with it. I am a man that is consistent and constantly seeking improve himself and change himself to the best, most happy and grateful version of himself. I am a man that practices feeling good for no reason at all. I am a man that goes back to past memories with negative charges and clears them out and everyday a real man is being born from within. I am a man that shows love and support and kindness for himself, his inner child & others.

I am a man that captures and captivates people with kindness.

I am a man that over exceeds people’s expectations, I over come all prejudice and negative talk and I rise up and work very productively, I am making more money than ever before and sky is truly the limit for me. I am someone that fearlessly goes after his dreams and is excited about the conquering of new vision and dreams in life.

I am building my business everyday and keep myself motivated and focused on my business, on getting new clients everyday and building strong long term relationship with clients.

I increase my reputation each and everyday and my power to influence and empower others increases daily, because I put in the reps and I do the ONE thing that matters. I am always working on myself and making myself the better individual daily.

I do not need anything from the external world because I like myself and I can accept myself, I am very strong person spiritually and emotionally. I am emotionally intelligent and smart, because I know how my mind works, I release and let go of the dis empowering stored emotions and charges and I let go and transform my programs and memories.

I am becoming the top producer of my field each and everyday because I keep working on my craft which I enjoy to do dearly, there is nothing better to wake up each day and go do what you love and getting paid really handsomely for it.

I am thrilled each and everyday to get to work and make my dreams & wishes happen, I am grateful for my life and excited for the future. I meet new amazing people all the time that bring more fulfilling relationships with people and have a great time everywhere I go.

For me Robert Smith from Faster EFT has helped me greatly in my personal development


Let me tell you just the practice of writing down the goals like this gets me excited and instills new beliefs within that says I am awesome and I certified bad ass, because the truth of the matter is, if I can overcome my challenges than I know I will have the insights and the tools to help others, and that possible future drives me to keep going.

Resell Rights Pro: tips on picking great tree service company


So a tree fell on your house what do you now? Call a tree servicing company. But there are so many tree servicing business out there. Which one do ya pick? What questions to ask? Are there some type of licensing I should be aware of? Do I use word of mouth, the yellow pages (if you still have it) google? There are so many questions that you should be asking when choosing a tree trimming service. Some obvious others not so much.

First find out if there is a licensed arborist employed. An arborist is like a tree, plant, and shrub, doctor. He or she will have knowledge and experienced in diagnosing and treating diseases, structure soundness, different systems, technique, and skill in improving the life of your greenery. Fertilization and watering maintenance. If the arborist is license he or she will know the requirements, regulations, laws, governing your city or community in regards to placing a tree, how to prune, etc.

Ask about what type of equipment do they use. Is it well maintain, how old the equipment is. Do some research yourself so that you know what should be used? Especially in according to your situation. Equip yourself with knowledge and you are less likely to be hoodwinked. Remember you are paying for this service so you should get what you want and expect. Otherwise you can take your hard earned money elsewhere.

How long have they been in business? A long standing business usually means more experienced and more customer satisfaction. It’s very difficult to stay in a service type business for a long period of time and your customer hate you. Unless they are money laundering. But that’s for another article. Ask to see some testimonials or reviews. Also some pictures or videos of their past work. You never know they may have some handy.

And of course don’t be shy to talk about pricing. IN fact if the company doesn’t offer some type of free estimate I’d say go on to the next one. Ask about financing or installment payments up front if you fit into to this category. If this is an emergency type of situation like an unexpected storm came through and a tree caused some damages let the company know about your finances. I often find if you’re up front with a business they are more likely to work with you. Like I said in the beginning do not be shy. Remember closed mouth don’t get fed! If it’s not an emergency or time sensitive shop around. Take a few estimates and compare the prices. You worked hard for your money don’t just give it to any old body.

Don’t forget to ask around. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family about someone they can recommend. One sure way to know is if your neighbor had emergency tree service work done and if the company did great emergency work then that would mean they are very proficient and on top of their game. This is usually the most reliable way to find any type of business. Also ask who you should have avoid. No reason to endure something horrible when you can learn from someone else’s poor choice. Also go online. There are many services out there that allow regular people to rate and recommend different services or warned people of different business. Utilized all tools available to you so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Using a tree service is not cheap so rather than waste your money, prepare yourself. To ensure that you will get the most bang for your buck!

Lewis tree service: Taking care of trees successfully

I was in the big city and needed tree service badly for my grand father’s place and so I went with Lewis Tree Service… they were quite fantastic I must say so here I am blogging about my experience with local companies… Maybe this site with all the reviews about local businesses it will one day have resell value

Ok, so I’m totally not a nature person, because I grew up in the big city, and I mean, I love the fact that there is so much going on all the time!! Yet, when I moved to the country, I was like OMG, there are more trees here, then I have ex-boyfriends, and believe me I date a lot!! Well, any who, I love my life, I really do, it’s beautiful, and kind of splendid out here in the country. Yet, I had like no idea, that working in the country was well, so much work!! I mean, I can hardly keep up with the busyness of it all, it’s crazy!! Well, I was so totally relieved when I found out that Lewis tree service could help me take care of the like four or five trees in my backyard. They did a great job!!

A job well done

They did everything from trimming, to pruning, and of course oh my gosh, they did so much cutting!! They did so much cutting to the point that I thought, wow, that’s so awesome!! I was so so beyond happy!! I mean, there is no way, that my nails are getting anywhere near a tree cutter, because if they did, oh my goodness, yikes, major trouble ahead!! Well, any ways, they not only cut up the trees perfectly, but they also made sure that I would get a lot for my buck, and I so appreciate that. My husband works like an insane amount of hours, and he’s always busting his butt, and between taking care of him and Me, and some of our house, I have very little time to get done what I need to get done. It’s sooooo stressful!! So yeah, I’m very thankful for Lewis tree service., because they are so beyond awesome!!

Hmmm, what else to say?

Well, I guess you could say that, I’m so beyond happy when it comes to using the services at Lewis tree service. Amazing, awesome, one of a kind, and so so much more. Forever, filled with gratitude that I will never have to be overworked, overstressed, and I appreciate everything they do!!

I must say if you are looking for tree service company for your yard make sure you do your due diligence and check up on these companies because there’s some tree service companies out there that are running without licenses so you have to be very careful on which you should pick.

There’s just many tree care companies out there today that will do one thing and then completely fail through on their promises, so make sure you’re not one of those people or you will get flamed on google reviews and so much.

I remember when I first got my Google review I was feeling like this…