Insights about different industries of Michigan


I lived in Michigan for several years now and over the years I have developed keen interest in many of the local businesses in this state.

There are many, I’ve been working for few of them including tree service, limousine, roofing. And they were al great experiences for me because I got to learn about all these different industries and what makes each of them unique in its own special ways, what kind of difficulties come with each of these different industries?

As you can tell from the theme of this site that I like wolves, but more specifically wolverines, because I graduated from University of Michigan back in 2007 with a degree in advertising and I will always represent the maize and yellow culture.

Some of my finest memories were during those college years when I had no reponsibilities and I can just play on the weekend as I wish.

But then again now I look at my life now running my own business and this blog full time reviewing different business, it is much more rewarding life experience then the one I was having before.

Emotional Intelligence

I am much more liberated and free these days, I am more emotionally intelligent than I was before, and I can move about life in much more empowered meaningful ways now.

Before I used to really hate tree service business, I hated the long hours, I hated waking up early and I disliked my manager. And I thought it was the tree service business that was wrong and not right, but I come to find out it wasn’t the tree service business but it was my own perception and emotions around the tree service business that made me feel the way I do about it.

The awakening happened for me when I realized that the perception and emotional imprinting is within me, that when I free and liberate myself from those emotions by going within, I can change my perceptions and world view which changes my life experience.

I begin studying every emotional reaction I was having in every situation and committing to a new habit of letting go and releasing those charges throughout the day. Even 1 word or image, or thought could trigger these emotions and the key to change & liberation was to become very aware of these responses within.

And when I noticed them, I would use faster EFT which I would explain bit more in detail. Again it was not the big tree removal or the loud machines that was getting under my skin but it was how I was representing these things in my mind that was getting to me, I represented tree service and all of its thoughts around it as a sign that I’m not where I’m supposed to be in my life. That I should be in Harvard or somewhere practicing law, not realizing that tree service is a very specialized skill and nothing that I should be ashamed of, but be very proud of.

These shifts begin changing my perception about myself and the world I live in and that is the key to true freedom.

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