Powerful and inexpensive advertisement


Like with any business, a tree servicing company, will need customers. Those that will come to you again and again; and new ones as well. Customers are the life blood of any small business. It’s impossible to have a business of any type without customers. If there is no one to solicit you, then you will fail. It’s just the truth. There are many of ways to advertise and drum up new customers. As well as keep your current ones. All for little or no money.

Print and post flyers. Make sure to list the services provided, business name, and contact information. I would even add some type of discount if when calling for an estimate or whatever, they mention the flyer. Place those fliers everywhere you can think of. Who doesn’t know someone in need of a tree service business? Put those flyers on people’s doors, post on any community bulletin board, leave a stack at different businesses, and place on the windshields of cars. Just anywhere people will see it and read it. The more people aware, the more people will call. If two out of three people do not read the flyer and simply throws it in the trash then that means at least one-third of them are reading it. And he may call or tell someone he knows about it. Play the odds.

Technology & Advertising

It would be asinine to not utilize the wonderful world of technology: social media, website, blogs and email. Many companies both big and small are utilizing social media to connect with people. And it’s free! How wonderful for a business that just starting out that does not have the capital for, let’s say a billboard or television ad. Both are great at reaching a lot of people but both are very expensive. You can post before and after pictures, testimonials, or discounts and services all from your smartphone or tablet. Or create videos demonstrating the correct way to cut down a tree. Showcase the extra steps of safety and clean up you use to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for itself and its customers. Befriend and follow your customers, allowing them to interact. They can post positive reviews on Tree Removal, if they post negative ones it will give you an opportunity to rectify if possible.

Just leads me to my next suggestion for inexpensive advertising. Create a website or blog. There are many platforms that will allow you to create a website or blog for free. Allow this to be a way to showcase how your tree service company is a benefit. Post pictures, videos, draw them in by writing and posting bios of yourself and your employees. Then of course there is email. As part of your data ask your customers for their email. Periodically email them about what’s going on with the business. Remind them of what they may need to have done during that season. Like in spring remind them it’s time to prune and prepare their trees for the summer growth.

Word of Mouth

Last but certainly not least is word of mouth. This has been a powerful tool that has been honed in since the first man decided to trade his neighbor a fish for an axe. Perform excellent customer service. As a consumer I will and have return to a place where I was treated well and with dignity. More importantly I will tell my family and friends. Do not overlook the value of kindness. I cannot stress how important it is for any business, especially one performing a service, like tree trimming and removal, to exhibit excellent customer relations. Treat them well and they will return. Encourage your customer to tell others. Encourage them to follow you on the various social media platforms. Definitely offer some type of reward for the referral. Either a discount on their next service, something free, or cash. Who doesn’t like getting something for free?


There are so many creative and inexpensive ways to showcase your tree service business. These are just a few and easy ways to do it. Implement one or two of these avenues. With so little to lose and much to gain, each one is worth the time and effort.

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