My Goals for 2015 in Tree Service Industry & In Life


Lately I’ve been resetting goals in life and refocusing on my vision, where I want to be few months from now, and few years from now, Where will I be, who will I be talking to, what kind of companies or corporations will I be aligning myself with. These are all the questions I regularly ask myself, it is not always easy to stay inspired and motivated when you run your own business you have to consistently and constantly act as your own motivator and inspirations have to come from within by setting visions.

I have been working for a tree service company for 25 years and recently started my very own tree care business, its a business that I have lots of hours of practice in so I felt it was the right vertical to expand to the next level which is to own my own business. This is the next stage in the journey of becoming a true entrepreneur and being someone that goes after what they want in life, someone that takes control over their life. So to make my goals stick and hold myself accountable, I want to share with everyone my dreams and what kind of person I want to become in the very near future on this blog:

My Goals for 2015

Here is a quick excerpt I am writing it in present tense like I already have these things.

I want to become a man that has choice in life, I am a man that goes after what he wants, and sticks to what he believes even if people around him think otherwise, I am man that knows himself because he has traveled deep in his mind and looked at all the things that was nagging away and paining him, I am a man with emotional intelligence. I don’t look to run from my problems but step into them and deal with it. I am a man that is consistent and constantly seeking improve himself and change himself to the best, most happy and grateful version of himself. I am a man that practices feeling good for no reason at all. I am a man that goes back to past memories with negative charges and clears them out and everyday a real man is being born from within. I am a man that shows love and support and kindness for himself, his inner child & others.

I am a man that captures and captivates people with kindness.

I am a man that over exceeds people’s expectations, I over come all prejudice and negative talk and I rise up and work very productively, I am making more money than ever before and sky is truly the limit for me. I am someone that fearlessly goes after his dreams and is excited about the conquering of new vision and dreams in life.

I am building my business everyday and keep myself motivated and focused on my business, on getting new clients everyday and building strong long term relationship with clients.

I increase my reputation each and everyday and my power to influence and empower others increases daily, because I put in the reps and I do the ONE thing that matters. I am always working on myself and making myself the better individual daily.

I do not need anything from the external world because I like myself and I can accept myself, I am very strong person spiritually and emotionally. I am emotionally intelligent and smart, because I know how my mind works, I release and let go of the dis empowering stored emotions and charges and I let go and transform my programs and memories.

I am becoming the top producer of my field each and everyday because I keep working on my craft which I enjoy to do dearly, there is nothing better to wake up each day and go do what you love and getting paid really handsomely for it.

I am thrilled each and everyday to get to work and make my dreams & wishes happen, I am grateful for my life and excited for the future. I meet new amazing people all the time that bring more fulfilling relationships with people and have a great time everywhere I go.

For me Robert Smith from Faster EFT has helped me greatly in my personal development


Let me tell you just the practice of writing down the goals like this gets me excited and instills new beliefs within that says I am awesome and I certified bad ass, because the truth of the matter is, if I can overcome my challenges than I know I will have the insights and the tools to help others, and that possible future drives me to keep going.

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