Resell Rights Pro: tips on picking great tree service company


So a tree fell on your house what do you now? Call a tree servicing company. But there are so many tree servicing business out there. Which one do ya pick? What questions to ask? Are there some type of licensing I should be aware of? Do I use word of mouth, the yellow pages (if you still have it) google? There are so many questions that you should be asking when choosing a tree trimming service. Some obvious others not so much.

First find out if there is a licensed arborist employed. An arborist is like a tree, plant, and shrub, doctor. He or she will have knowledge and experienced in diagnosing and treating diseases, structure soundness, different systems, technique, and skill in improving the life of your greenery. Fertilization and watering maintenance. If the arborist is license he or she will know the requirements, regulations, laws, governing your city or community in regards to placing a tree, how to prune, etc.

Ask about what type of equipment do they use. Is it well maintain, how old the equipment is. Do some research yourself so that you know what should be used? Especially in according to your situation. Equip yourself with knowledge and you are less likely to be hoodwinked. Remember you are paying for this service so you should get what you want and expect. Otherwise you can take your hard earned money elsewhere.

How long have they been in business? A long standing business usually means more experienced and more customer satisfaction. It’s very difficult to stay in a service type business for a long period of time and your customer hate you. Unless they are money laundering. But that’s for another article. Ask to see some testimonials or reviews. Also some pictures or videos of their past work. You never know they may have some handy.

And of course don’t be shy to talk about pricing. IN fact if the company doesn’t offer some type of free estimate I’d say go on to the next one. Ask about financing or installment payments up front if you fit into to this category. If this is an emergency type of situation like an unexpected storm came through and a tree caused some damages let the company know about your finances. I often find if you’re up front with a business they are more likely to work with you. Like I said in the beginning do not be shy. Remember closed mouth don’t get fed! If it’s not an emergency or time sensitive shop around. Take a few estimates and compare the prices. You worked hard for your money don’t just give it to any old body.

Don’t forget to ask around. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family about someone they can recommend. One sure way to know is if your neighbor had emergency tree service work done and if the company did great emergency work then that would mean they are very proficient and on top of their game. This is usually the most reliable way to find any type of business. Also ask who you should have avoid. No reason to endure something horrible when you can learn from someone else’s poor choice. Also go online. There are many services out there that allow regular people to rate and recommend different services or warned people of different business. Utilized all tools available to you so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Using a tree service is not cheap so rather than waste your money, prepare yourself. To ensure that you will get the most bang for your buck!

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