Lewis tree service: Taking care of trees successfully

I was in the big city and needed tree service badly for my grand father’s place and so I went with Lewis Tree Service… they were quite fantastic I must say so here I am blogging about my experience with local companies… Maybe this site with all the reviews about local businesses it will one day have resell value

Ok, so I’m totally not a nature person, because I grew up in the big city, and I mean, I love the fact that there is so much going on all the time!! Yet, when I moved to the country, I was like OMG, there are more trees here, then I have ex-boyfriends, and believe me I date a lot!! Well, any who, I love my life, I really do, it’s beautiful, and kind of splendid out here in the country. Yet, I had like no idea, that working in the country was well, so much work!! I mean, I can hardly keep up with the busyness of it all, it’s crazy!! Well, I was so totally relieved when I found out that Lewis tree service could help me take care of the like four or five trees in my backyard. They did a great job!!

A job well done

They did everything from trimming, to pruning, and of course oh my gosh, they did so much cutting!! They did so much cutting to the point that I thought, wow, that’s so awesome!! I was so so beyond happy!! I mean, there is no way, that my nails are getting anywhere near a tree cutter, because if they did, oh my goodness, yikes, major trouble ahead!! Well, any ways, they not only cut up the trees perfectly, but they also made sure that I would get a lot for my buck, and I so appreciate that. My husband works like an insane amount of hours, and he’s always busting his butt, and between taking care of him and Me, and some of our house, I have very little time to get done what I need to get done. It’s sooooo stressful!! So yeah, I’m very thankful for Lewis tree service., because they are so beyond awesome!!

Hmmm, what else to say?

Well, I guess you could say that, I’m so beyond happy when it comes to using the services at Lewis tree service. Amazing, awesome, one of a kind, and so so much more. Forever, filled with gratitude that I will never have to be overworked, overstressed, and I appreciate everything they do!!

I must say if you are looking for tree service company for your yard make sure you do your due diligence and check up on these companies because there’s some tree service companies out there that are running without licenses so you have to be very careful on which you should pick.

There’s just many tree care companies out there today that will do one thing and then completely fail through on their promises, so make sure you’re not one of those people or you will get flamed on google reviews and so much.

I remember when I first got my Google review I was feeling like this…

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